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Evry1 wants happiness,


no 1 needs pain bt its nt possible 2 get a rainbow without a little rain!

So faceLIFE with confidence


.Life is an Echo,
All cums Back,
D Gud,d Bad,d False,d True:
So Give d World d Best u Hv & d Best wil Come Back 2 U.



82.Good Relations Are Like Trees
They Demand Attention & Care
In the Begining But Once They Blossom
They Provide Shade In All Situations Of LIFE.



83.Life is all about three things. Winning, Losing and Sharing.


Winning- others hearts, Losing- negativity and Sharing- Happy moments


84.Easy To Loose someone by saying Life.
Difficult to get back that Porson by saying True.
its a fact in Everybody's Life.



85.when God solves your problems
you have faith in His abilities

when He doesnt solve your problems
He has faith in ur abilities.



86.To Be Successfull Forget The Problems You Have Faced
don't Forget The Lessons That Those Problems Taught You...



87.Success is the problem but failure is the formula..

You can't solve the problem without knowing the formula..


88.Morning is nt only sunrise bt a beutiful miracle of GOD


dat dafeats d darknes&spread light

May evryday spread light in ur whole life.


89.When U Are In Light
Everything Is With U
But When U Enter In Dark
Even Ur Own Shadow
Will Not Be With U

That Is Life...



90.Positive Thinking May Not Guarantee Success,


Bt Negative Thinking DEFiNiTELY Guarantees Failure!
So always hv +ve attitude.


91.You Are A Precious Diamond In GODs Hands
When GOD Sharpens Your Edges, Its Really Painful
But That Will Make You More Shiny & Precious.



92.Relationship is like a book,


it takes few seconds to burn but years to write.

So write it carefully n never let it burn.


Life is Gift - Accept it
Life is Sorrow - Overcome it
Life is Duty - Perform it
Life is Tragedy - Face it.



94.Winners always compares their achievements with their own goals,


While losers compares their achievements with the failures of other people


95.Good heart & good nature r two different things

Good heart can win many relationships


good nature can sustain life long relationship.



96.Best religjion "JAIN"

Best festival "PARYUSHAN"

Best mantra "NAVKAR"

Best granth "AAGAM"

Best sutra "KALPSUTRA"



97.secret of health fr both mind&body is not t mourn fr past,


Wory abot future,Or anticipate trubles,Bt t live in present Moment wisely.


98.If U want to enjoy,
Alwys think today is the 1st day.
If U wnt to achieve sumthing,

Alwys think today is the last day..



99.The four ways to reach God :


Luk back and thank God.

Luk forward and trust God.

Luk around and serve God.

Luk within and find God....

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